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irRashional 50+ UPF Kids Long Sleeve Rash Guard

irRashional 50+ UPF Kids Long Sleeve Rash Guard
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    IrRashional ™ for Kids!

    Whether you are looking for an MMA shirt, SPF shirt, or just plain sun protection for your kids, do it differently than the rest! Irrashional shirts protect and let your children make a statement while saving you money!

    The best value in rash guards today! RashGuard Shirt Company is proud to offer a 6.5oz shirt with S.P.F. protection of 150 at the price of a budget shirt. How did we do it? First off, 6 ounces just won't provide a UPF 50+ rating (except in the darkest colors) so we went with 6.5, keeping material costs down. Also, on that note, we've kept our shirts short - so our overall weight of the entire garment is the same amount as our competitors - but they only offer 1/15th of UV block!

    We designed a polo cut neck which is slightly higher than budget shirts. You'll have more sun protection for the same price (and less critters getting in the kid's shirt when they are in the water.) This also helps with wetsuit chaffing.

    Great price. Great Value. The rational choice in rash guards.

    Seasonal Close-Out. All Sales Final (so order large enough!)

    IrRashional ™ Kids Long Sleeve Lycra Rash Guard Shirt Main Features:

    • 50+ UV protection
    • Lightestweight 150+ SPF available
    • Durable
    • Odor Resistant
    • Much quicker drying than 8oz shirts with same rating!
    • Contrasting stitching compliments the sporty look

    IrRashional ™ Kids Long Sleeve Lycra Rash Guard Shirt Construction

    • UV 50+ rating
    • Flatlock stitching
    • 6.5 oz. lycra throughout
    • Polo cut neck provides more protection

    Kids are used to wearing regular loose fitting clothes and therefore immediately think a rashguard is "too tight mom!" when putting one on for the first time. We suggest ordering on the large side and as they "grow into it" educate them as to the rash guard's snug fitting nature. You'll also not need to buy a replacement as soon! Because these run small, sizes 4 and 6 may be perfect for your toddler.

    Choose Color:

    • Royal Blue w/silver logo, white stitching & "iRrashional" in white
    • Navy w/white sides, white logo & stitching & "iRrashional" in navy

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