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Rash Guard Men

Rash Guards for Men are made by an assortment of manufacturers and Rash Guard Shirt Company has a wide variety of premium rash guard in many different types, styles and colors. Originally created for surfing enthusiasts to prevent surfboard rash, their appeal has evolved and grown over the years to reach a wide array of consumers with a broad range of interests in outdoor activities. Common among these interests is the love of the water and need to protect their skin from sunburn.

Today you can find rash guard men shirts specifically designed for just about any kind of outdoor sport. The selections include traditional tight fitted rash guard shirts for more intensive sports such as surfing and water skiing, loose fit shirts for casual swimming and all day comfort, rash guard hoodies providing extra sun and wind protection for boating and sailing, rash guard thermals for insulation and warmth in cooler water, and rash guard shorts for protection of the midsection to the knees and to complement almost any rash guard shirt.

The sun's Ultra-violet (UV) rays with are the primary cause of sunburn and permanent sun damage to the skin and all of the Rash Guard Men that we carry are UPF rated offering highly effective if not maximum sun protection.

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